What will you do about getting your vehicle ready for summer driving?

What will you do about getting your vehicle ready for summer driving?

Summer is almost here. So, it’s a good time to start thinking – or not – about all that car maintenance you should do before the weather makes driving miserable especially on those long weekends, road trips and vacation. We could have just provided some sensible advice, but there’s always someone who won’t listen to […]

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Your easy-to-follow, 11-step guide to shopping for a used car

Your easy-to-follow, 11-step guide to shopping for a used car

Shopping for a car is easier said than done. That being said … It’s done every day – sometimes by shoppers who don’t know what they’re doing. We’re going to try to make sure you aren’t one of those by sharing the most common steps to shopping for a used car, according to a survey […]

Ultimate U.S. road trip takes in 48 states and nation’s capital

Ultimate U.S. road trip takes in 48 states and nation’s capital

Road trip. The term conjures all sorts of thoughts – mostly positive – especially during the summer. And then you have to plan it. Or you can do what University of Pennsylvania researcher Randy Olson did and crank up your supercomputer over the weekend to do the work for you. Olson was challenged by Discovery […]

Here’s how and why cars and trucks will be replaced with … golf carts?

Photo: ecomento.com
Tesla Model E electric sedan.

There hasn’t been a better year for car sales in about a decade, but some experts see change on the horizon with electric vehicles, such as golf carts. That’s right. We said golf carts – and all-terrain vehicles. “When people think of electric vehicles, they think of Tesla,” writes Thomas Bartman in Harvard Business Review. […]

Here are the most dependable auto brands – J.D. Power owner survey

Photo: thecarconnection.com
Buick rolls to No. 2 in J.D. Power dependability ratings for 2012 vehicles.

You can depend on Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus. So says J.D. Power’s 2015 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS), which looked at the most reliable automotive brands during the first three years after purchase. Lexus is in a league of its own, reporting a “jaw-dropping score” of just 89 problems per 100 vehicles (PP100), while every […]

The safest used vehicles for teens – or anyone else on a tight budget

Photo: grooveauto.com
Looking for a safe vehicle on a tight budget?

The task of finding an affordable used vehicle can be daunting. Counting each model year separately, there are more than 2,600 models offered over the last decade and nearly 4,000 in the last 15 years, according to data from statista.com. That’s a lot of options to consider. Too many, really, without some guidance. Which is […]

Start search for an inexpensive new or used car with Autotrader top-10 list

Photo: thecarconnection.com
The 2015 Buick Encore made Autotrader’s to-10 list for graduates.

It’s the time of year when colleges – and high schools – send forth into the world a horde of prospective car shoppers ready for vehicles that can get them to and from work. Financially independent for the first time in their lives, many have limited budgets with which to shop. “Luckily for graduates who […]

Santander, Southern Methodist match ‘destined for success’

Photo: smu.edu
Signing ceremony in Jones Great Hall at SMU’s Meadows Museum.

The best matches sometimes require a matchmaker. And so it was with the match between Santander Bank, N.A., and Southern Methodist University. Santander Consumer USA played a pivotal role in helping SMU and the Boston-based bank make the connection that has resulted in a study-abroad opportunity for graduate-level SMU art history students in which the […]

‘We Are Santander’ activities a homerun for associates and families

A family affair Sunday during Rally Night at Globe Life Park.

Rally Night drew a crowd to Texas Rangers ballpark. Speaker Jeff Havens did the same at Santander Consumer USA’s headquarters at Thanksgiving Tower. A Michael Jackson impersonator, butt-sketch artist, cookie handouts, health-and-wellness fairs, assembly of We Car Kits, special meals all have been popular activities during We Are Santander Week. In fact, there were crowds […]