Here is a timely reminder to get a grip on back-to-school driving

Here is a timely reminder to get a grip on back-to-school driving

It’s going to be chaos out there. So, with the school year about to start for more than 50 million children, we thought it would be helpful to remind motorists of the many challenges of driving not typical during the summer. It’s a sort of back-to-school driving primer to keep the kiddos and you safe. […]

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High sticker prices, depreciation choking electric vehicle sales?

There’s a steep price to pay for owning an electric vehicle.

Shoppers who swallow hard and pay a premium for the clean technology and fuel efficiency of a new electric vehicle (EV) evidently need to gulp even harder when they trade-in or sell that vehicle. Some electrics are losing so much value after purchase, in fact, that they are available at wholesale auctions at the same […]

Why September is a good month to think about child safety

Make sure baby is properly buckled up.

Kids and cars. Most parents just can’t read those words without thinking child safety. September is a good month for that, seemingly as full of reminders as it is: Child Passenger Safety Week and Childhood Injury Prevention Week, National Seat Check Saturday and Baby Safety Month. Usually, conversation begins with car seats, boosters and seat […]

Why you should shop for a new vehicle on Labor Day weekend


Will you go shopping on Black Friday? No, not the day after Thanksgiving, which still is several months away. But its car-shopping equivalent (according to Fortune magazine): Labor Day, which falls on Sept. 7 this year. “Labor Day means the end of summer and one last long weekend to go car shopping,” says the “Car […]

What the other 90 percent of us will do for Labor Day weekend

Greenbelt, MD, Labor Day Parade and Festival – Hometown USA.

For all the talk about how many Americans travel on holidays such as Labor Day – around 35 million are expected to travel this year – the truth is that 90 percent of us stay close to home. That is, we travel less than 50 miles if we travel at all to partake of end-of-summer […]

Americans crazy like a fox when considering hybrid, electric vehicles?

BMW i3 electric vehicle recharges.

We’re dummies when it comes to hybrid and electric vehicles. That’s what green-car experts seem to think anyway. Because of that, we don’t buy as many alternative-fuel vehicles as we should – they accounted for only about 3.5 percent of nearly 17 million cars sold last year, according to Wards Auto. And we apparently are […]

Threat of vehicle hacking much bigger than one model, automaker

Many consumers feel car hacking will be a real threat in the near future.

The future of car-hacking is now. That appears to be the lesson of the recent demonstration of hacking involving a Jeep Cherokee, which instigated the recall of about 1.4 million vehicles by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). Evidence suggests that drivers and shoppers are aware of the danger but don’t feel threatened yet. “Few consumers consider […]

Vehicles are older than ever despite soaring new-car sales

The average age of vehicles is expected to rise despite record new-car sales.

We finally got rid of our family’s 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan a few weeks ago. No, we didn’t scrap it. It didn’t quit running. And we didn’t trade it in on a new vehicle. As far as we know, the 15-year-old minivan still is alive and kicking with its new owner. Indeed, the vehicle looked […]

These are the vehicle brands that new owners find most appealing

Park-assist systems are another favored technology.

American drivers find vehicle technology very appealing. Safety technology, especially, increases vehicle appeal, reports J.D. Power and Associates, which conducts an annual survey of Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL). For example, the overall APEAL score among new owners of vehicles with blind-spot monitoring and warning systems is 38 points higher on a 1,000-point scale […]

It’s not your imagination, a lot of drivers really are using their phones

Most people are using their smartphones while driving.

How scary is this? Most drivers sharing the road with you are using their smartphones, with many engaged in texting, emailing, posting to social media or taking selfies. In a survey of 2,067 drivers entitled Smartphone Use Behind the Wheel, phone service provider AT&T found that more than 60 percent are glancing at text messages […]

This may be the last story you’ll need to read in 2015 about vehicle quality?

Dodge Charger helped FCA to highest overall total quality score.

This isn’t the first – and it won’t be the last – vehicle quality awards list you’ll read. But Strategic Vision of San Diego, CA, is certain they have the formula for a definitive list. And Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) must be hoping that car shoppers see it that way, too. FCA (formerly Chrysler LLC) […]